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TinyHouse ― World

Model Surfhouse

From > 32000€

TinyHouse ― World

Buy a TinyHouse in Portugal?

Downsize your life !

From > 38000€

TinyHouse ― World

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Realize your dreams!

From > 45000€

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Tiny House on wheels?

But before you buy, wouldn’t you like to try and live in one?

In that case, you have come to the right place, because the success of our Tinyhouse-World is based exactly on this business model. We put our Tiny Houses at your disposal, in our Tiny House place in Portugal, near Peniche, so that you can give them a try. In that way, you can first rent your dream Tiny House and check it out thoroughly, so that afterwards you can make the best buying decision. Find out about the available possibilities in “our houses“.

About us

Everybody is now talking about Downsizing.
About 12 years ago, I, Uwe Bosshammer, decided to say good-bye to my „normal life“ in Germany and I moved from an apartment into a VW-Van.

The fascination and the sense of freedom that resulted from that change, are still with me. A normal house or an apartment have not been an option anymore, and that did not change even when we grew to become a family of 4. With time, the VW-Van became a little too small, and that is why we changed for the next bigger small option: a VW-Gypsi. And that until I saw a Tiny House on wheels. That was when the idea for the business firm Tinyhouse-World.com was born.
For us, it became immediately clear that a Tiny House was the only option with 4 walls, that would still give us flexibility and freedom similar to a VW-Van.

We would like to share our experiences for a freer and more flexible lifestyle with people with similar interests, and offer them our knowledge on how to start on this path. Everything in the Tinyhouse-World revolves around building, renting, investing and selling of the Tiny Houses. We are looking forward to get in contact with you!


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"Let the journey begin!"

If you are looking to rent a beautiful Tiny House. Then get in touch with us.


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