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From 45000 €

Our “Individual” section is aimed at those who want to make their house absolutely unique. Starting with the size of the trailer up to the last socket: in our “Individual” models you can free your imagination and turn your dreams into reality.

We will draw your dream house with you and it will be ready for you on the agreed date.



From 38000 €

Our Tiny house “Standard” is also built on a trailer manufactured by Vlemmixx, the exact model is TH 7.20.

Starting at the shaft is the bathroom and then the kitchen including the dining table, followed by the transition to the living room. The standard version is also endowed with numerous windows and glass doors, just like in the Surfhouse model. We used the stairs and every logistically possible opportunity to accommodate storage space.

This tiny house has two bedrooms upstairs. The exact dimensions and photos of this house can be found under the menu item “Our houses” in the category “Standard”.

This Tiny House is ideal for families with children, 3-4 adults or couples who would like to enjoy the luxury of a little more space or work from home. One of the bedrooms can of course also be used as a study room.


Standard Plus

From 38000 €

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From 32000 €

Our model “Surfhouse” is built on a trailer manufactured by Vlemixx. The models available for our surf houses are trailers TH 6.0 or smaller.

The basement, starting with the shaft, is structured as follows: first the bathroom is installed, then the kitchen including the dining table and then the cozy living room. Due to the large panoramic window and the glass doors you have an excellent view to the outside, you feel free and the house is full of light and friendly. The upper floor has a bedroom.

This surfhouse model is particularly suitable for individuals or couples who want to immerse themselves in the simplicity of life and do not want to miss the feeling of freedom even in an enclosed space.


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