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Tiny House “Emma”


From 32000 €

Our surfhouse is built on a trailer manufactured by Vlemixx. The models available for our surf houses are trailers TH 6.0 or smaller.

The basement, starting with the shaft, is structured as follows: first the bathroom is installed, then the kitchen including the dining table and then the cozy living room. Due to the large panoramic window and the glass doors you have an excellent view to the outside, you feel free and the house is full of light and friendly. The upper floor has a bedroom.

This surfhouse model is particularly suitable for individuals or couples who want to immerse themselves in the simplicity of life and do not want to miss the feeling of freedom even in an enclosed space.


Solar Panel


Gas Stove

Beds (up to 2-4 sleeping places)

Water and Electricity

Let's create your tiny house together!

Step 1

Exchange ideas, point out needs and preferences

Step 2

Define the structure through technical drawings

Step 3

3D model definition you can play with for material and furniture

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